At Ramsons, we believe in building a culture that embraces individuality while cultivating collaboration and creativity. We care about the needs of our employees and appreciate the varied ways in which people do their best work individually and together. We also care about curating physical spaces that empower teams to come together and spark great ideas. Prioritizing flexibility and opportunities for face to face collaboration are both important elements of our overall work philosophy.

Flexibility at Ramsons isn’t new and all roles at Ramsons are flexible in one way or another. Before the pandemic, Ramsons still stands with their emaployees.

As we look to the future of work, we are increasing our existing flexibility. We believe that flexibility increases productivity and satisfaction and enables us to attract and retain a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Ramson's Flexible Work Policy outlines two distinct work classifications - Officespace and Homespace - designed to help foster an inclusive and collaborative environment. In the same way that there isn’t a one size fits all solution for our customers, there isn’t a one size fits all approach that will work for every individual and every role. So we have empowered individuals, their managers, and department leaders to determine the appropriate approach to flexible work for them. The type of flexibility needed will vary based on the role - with consideration for whether the role needs to have face to face collaboration and interaction, and the ability for that role to be done remotely vs. in the office.

Officespace - employees who spend at least some of their week working from a Ramsons office location. Each Officespace employee’s work schedule is agreed upon between them and their manager and approved by their department head, with some being fully in-office and some having flexible schedules. Depending on their role.

We also embrace the benefits of face to face interaction and collaboration, so curating an enticing office experience remains part of our Ramsons approach. Our office is so much more than a place people go to work. Each of our offices has been built to inspire creativity and foster community. It’s more than a workplace. We invite all who enter to find a space that feels their own. It’s a collective. It’s our space."