La Felle - Eau De Parfum

What the ideal fragrance would be among the masses differs from person to person. Though contentment is not guaranteed, you might always pursue products based on hearsay. A very individualized product, perfume should match your skin tone and aura. The appropriate scent for each person is different, just as each person has a unique aura.


 Here are five recommendations for selecting the ideal perfume:

Understand your notes

The components utilized to produce the transcendental scent are notes from perfumes. Top, middle, and base notes are the three different types of notes that make up a perfume. After spraying the perfume, the top note is the aroma that is initially detected and lasts for five to fifteen minutes. The middle note, also referred to as the heart note, comes after the top note fades, and the base note comes after that. The longest-lasting notes are the base notes. Our olfactory senses detect an effervescent smell from the combination of these three notes. So, before choosing a perfume, you should decide on your preferred notes.


Hold Your Attention

There are variations in fragrances based on oil concentration levels. The effects of perfume/parfum endure for eight to six hours and have a fragrance content of over 20%. There is Eau de Parfum, which has a 15-20% concentration level and lasts for four to five hours. Eau de Toilette has a five to fifteen percent oil concentration and lasts for two to three hours. Eau de Parfum is the best option if you're seeking for scents that are heavier and last longer, while Eau de Toilette is best for scents that are light and airy.


Identifying your kind


Knowing your type can be a big help in selecting the perfect scent.

The combinations of notes yield 4 primary scents: fresh floral, oriental, woody, and earthy. Fruity, zesty scents are indicative of fresh perfumes. Floral odors make up floral fragrances, as the name implies. The most common and range from mild to strong are floral scents. The oriental perfumes, which range from floral to woody, provide a more opulent experience. Finally, there are woody scents, which have a comforting and alluring impact.


Spray it to find out

You can't enjoy the unique and distinctive scent of each perfume by sitting down and reading the evaluations online. Perfumes can be made with a wide range of substances. The permutations and combinations of various components produce a wide variety of odors that people might not be accustomed to. When purchasing a perfume for the first time, you should always spray a small amount over one wrist, dab it with the other, and then inhale deeply. Without directly smelling a perfume, there is a good probability that one will be unimpressed by how it smells.