A Comprehensive List of Deodorant Brands in India

A Comprehensive List of Deodorant Brands in India


In a country like India, where diverse cultures and climates prevail, personal grooming products like deodorants have become an essential part of daily hygiene routines. With an increasing demand for fragrant and effective deodorants, the market is flooded with numerous brands catering to various preferences. In this blog post, we present a comprehensive list of deodorant brands in India, showcasing the range of options available for consumers.



Axe, known as Lynx in some parts of the world, is a popular brand offering a wide variety of deodorants for men. Its distinctive fragrances and edgy marketing campaigns have made it a preferred choice among young adults.



Ramsons is one of India’s leading perfumery brands that cater to all segments of society, thanks to its exotic array of long-lasting aromas



Nivea, a well-established skincare brand, offers a range of deodorants for both men and women. Known for their mild and skin-friendly formulations, Nivea deodorants have gained a loyal customer base.



Fogg, owned by Vini Cosmetics, has gained significant popularity for its long-lasting and strong fragrances. The brand focuses on providing affordable yet high-quality deodorants for men and women.


Wild Stone:

Wild Stone is a brand that offers a blend of captivating fragrances crafted for the modern Indian. Their deodorants exude elegance and are designed to suit various occasions.



Engage is a brand that emphasizes couples' connections through its range of his-and-her deodorants. With unique and complementary fragrances, Engage has carved a niche in the Indian deodorant market.


Park Avenue:

Park Avenue, owned by Raymond Group, provides a range of grooming products, including deodorants. Their collection offers a mix of classic and contemporary scents catering to diverse preferences.



Denver offers an array of deodorants that embody the spirit of masculinity. The brand focuses on delivering distinctive and refreshing fragrances that resonate with the modern Indian man.



A well-known sportswear brand, Adidas, extends its presence to the deodorant market with dynamic and sporty scents designed to keep up with active lifestyles.



Cinthol, a brand recognized for its personal care products, offers deodorants that carry the essence of freshness. Their deodorants cater to the younger generation seeking vibrant and energetic scents.



Spinz targets the youth with its trendy and vibrant deodorants for women. The brand's offerings are designed to align with the latest fashion trends and preferences.


Set Wet:

Set Wet specializes in men's grooming products, including deodorants and hair styling gels. The brand is known for its contemporary and playful fragrances.


Yardley London:

Yardley London brings a touch of elegance with its deodorants that embody classic English fragrances. The brand appeals to individuals who appreciate sophistication.



Eva offers a variety of deodorants that cater to the evolving preferences of young women in India. Their range includes floral, fruity, and fresh scents.



Similar to Adidas, Reebok's deodorants cater to active individuals, with a focus on dynamic and invigorating fragrances.



The Indian deodorant market is a dynamic landscape with a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you're seeking bold and masculine scents, subtle and feminine fragrances, or something in between, these brands offer a wide range of deodorants to suit every preference and occasion. When selecting a deodorant, consider your personal style, fragrance preferences, and any skin sensitivities you may have. With this extensive list, you're bound to find the perfect deodorant that complements your individuality.